Natasha Balabanova
President of ICD Ukraine
Art-Director ICD Eastern Europe
Co-Fashion Coordinator ICD Europe
Founder and Director of Beauty Salon «Natasha Balabanova»
Founder of «Natasha Balabanova School of Professionals»

Titles of honor and awards:
Intercoiffure Mondial - «Personality of the Year-2002» , «Createur de Mode» (2004, 2008),
«Artistic Team» (2011, 2013/14, 2015/16, 2016, 2016/17),
Ordre de la Chevalerie «Commander Award», 2017
«Stylist of the year», Grand Prix, winner of «Beauty Constellation», Kyiv, Ukraine, (2008)
«Stylist of the year» from Eastern European Institute of Beauty Salons Industry, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2007
Winner of «Authorial hairstyle» at «Londa Hair Cosmetic», Riga, Latvia, 1996

Academic background:
Diudenko – Kyiv (Ukraine), Dolores (Russia), Londa (Germany), Wella Professionals (Germany), Vidal Sassoon (England), L. Longueras (Spain), Pivot Point (Spain), Balmain (Hester Wernert Rijn) (France), Carlo Bay (Italy)

Top-stylist at Wella Professionals since 1996. Every year 2 shows «Hairstyles parade», numerous workshops and master-classes throughout Ukraine. Annual authorial photoshoots. Photoshoots for professional catalogues. Hairstyles trend-setter in cooperation with Wella Professionals.
Member of Artistic Team creating world trends for Intercoiffure Mondial presenting Eastern Europe Region. Participated in Intercoiffure Mondial Congress shows («Performance») from ICD Ukraine (2001, 2004).

First salon «Linia stylia» («Line of style»), Kyiv, 1997. Later rebranded to Beauty salon «Natasha Balabanova». Photoshoots together with masters, followed by shows in Ukraine, Baltic states.

Elected as Art-Director Intercoiffure Mondial, Ukraine, 2000, Vice-President ICD Ukraine, 2006 and President ICD Ukraine, 2016. Participant of World Congress Intercoiffure Mondial, Paris. In 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 represented Eastern European countries. Elected as Art-Director in ICD Eastern Europe in 2008 and CoFashion Coordinator ICD Europe in 2017.

In 2001, «Natasha Balabanova School of Professionals» for professional hairdressers opened. Nowadays, traveling seminars throughout Ukraine.

In 2009, namesake Salon – Beauty Salon «Natasha Balabanova» opened. Clients: Ukrainian political, business and art elite.

2016 – «Fashionista 2016/2017». Congress «ICD Mondial», Paris, France.
2015 – «Happiness 2015/2016». Congress «ICD Mondial», Paris, France.
2013 – «Illumination 2013/2014». Congress «ICD Mondial», Paris, France.

2010 – «Trend News 2011 ICD Mondial». «Planet Intercoiffure» show. Hairstyle collection «Barocco Ethnic». Congress «ICD Mondial», Paris, France.
2007 – «Trend News 2008» – Mega Collection. Show on «Night of the Stars» in «Palais Brongniart» (columnar palace Bourse). Congress «ICD Mondial», Paris, France.
2005 – «Fresh wind of freedom». Show from «ICD Ukraine» team at «Performance» event at Congress «ICD Mondial», Paris, France.
2004 – «Blond & Blond» collection. Congress «ICD Mondial». Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil.
2001 – «High street evolution». Show from «Intercoiffure Ukraine» on «Performance Intercoiffure Mondial», Paris, France.
1998 – «The color scent». Hairstyles presentation at International Forum «Londa», Riga, Latvia.
1994 – «Londaland». Hairstyles performance at International Forum «Londa», Riga, Latvia.

Photoshoots of the trends created for Intercoiffure Mondial

2016 – «Fashionista», Paris
2015 – «Attitudes», Kyiv
2014 – «Happiness», Paris
2013 – «Illumination», Paris
2010 – «MEGA TREND 2010», «Paris' Most Beautiful Hair», Paris
2007 – «New Trend 2008», Milano
2003 – «Blond & Blond», Paris

Ukrainian creative projects

2008-2010 – participant at «Wella Trend Vision», «Nature's goddess» show, «De Lush», «Couture Allure»,«Passionista»
1999-2007 – Trend-setter at «Hairstyles Parade» for «Wella Ukraine». Master-classes, workshops.
2001-2003 – Show performances «The Star of Intercoiffure», «Raiskii sad» («Heavenly garden»), «Mirazhi» («Illusions»).